Astral Meta Network was originally designed to be a portal for all of Astral Meta-owned and designed websites and to serve as a host for all of Astral Meta-operated forums. It was extended to include all of its affiliate websites, forming an intricate web that connects websites containing varying contents into one another. This allows information to be pass easily, while at the same time, helps promote each and every website within the network. Astral Meta was meant to be a Nexus for all of these websites, serving as an index to lists them all and making them easily accessible to the vast internet audience.

The concept was further developed and Astral Meta was made to provide web development information to help other web developers harness their web developing skills in making and promoting their own websites. To serve this purpose, Astral Meta created a forum that connects web developers, allowing them to get help while also granting them the opportunity to share their own knowledge and expertise. Astral Meta is not exclusive to web developers alone, and since art is essentially part of web development, Astral Meta also accommodates artists and writers as part of the greater whole. Astral Meta aims to build a community of Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Artists, Web Masters, and Web Developers. This allows everybody to help each other as well as share their ideas and knowledge.

Part of Astral Meta’s goal is to promote its community members, help them get recognition, and connect them with other people who are seeking their skills and expertise. For this reason, Astral Meta also provides services that match employers with web developers that best suits their needs. In return, it also provides web developers with job opportunities.

Astral Meta as a Portal

Astral MetaAstral Meta Network serves as a web directory for its network of websites. This includes its subdomains and network-owned websites, as well as its affiliate websites.

Any webmaster who has a website with good content can join our network and be included in our directory and its growing list of websites. This aims to help websites get exposure while it helps our audience get the information they need.

By providing a directory, we can provide our audience with as much reliable information as possible. This saves them time and makes their search easier. In consequence, it helps keep traffic within our network. This is also beneficial to our affiliates as they can get a portion of our traffic.

By joining our network and becoming an affiliate, webmasters can have the privilege to get their website added into our directory as well as gain part of our traffic and our search engine advantages. To join our network, please read our guide on How to become an affiliate and be a part of the Astral Meta Network?

Astral Meta as a Community

Astral Meta was intentionally made to be a community of Web Designers, Web Developers, Web Artists, Graphic Designers and Programmers, but it is also open to enthusiasts and ordinary people who are willing to learn or are interested in participating in our discussions. Astral Meta hosts forums essential for collaboration and discussions.

By joining our community, people can get support and help from other people. This is also a place where everybody can promote their own selves and get a chance to be recognized. Furthermore, our community is open to different topics and discussions, giving everybody the freedom to voice out their opinions and share their own ideas. On top of that, we occasionally give out rewards to members of our community for just speaking their mind. Rewards range from cash prizes to gift items and special badges that commemorate peoples’ certain traits, skills, generosity, loyalty, or achievements.

To join our community, all users have to do is Sign Up and participate in any of our Forums.

Astral Meta as a Resource Site

Astral Meta houses tools and services as well as valuable resources to help web developers hone their skills or aid them with their projects. And being a Web Design website, Astral Meta also provides various templates, Website themes, and Images for Web Developers to use on their own websites.

We design Astral Meta to be a network of Web Developers, and because of this, we may occasionally acquire extra tools, services, and resources from generous members of the community. We are actually encouraging everyone in the group to contribute or share their works, ideas, or anything that can help others. We may even reward charitable people as a means to compensate them for their kindness. This is a great way to grow together as a community.


Astral Meta was conceptualized by Anthony Laurence Yap (aka AL2Meta/AL2Fenrir) in as early as October 2013. After months of thinking, the idea was turned into reality. On January 20, 2013, the first dry run of the website, which was running on Blogger back then, was initiated.

However, even before that, numerous attempts to create a network of websites; with many of those plans ending in failure, already took place.

Astral Meta underwent a series of evolution before it became what it is today. Dating a few years back, in as early as 2006, Astral Meta was under the brand name Astral Design Solutions. It has been making websites using only HTML, with Notepad for an editor. It cannot afford to pay for hosting so it uses free web hosting services to make its websites go online. Some of the websites it created include an art site, a music site, and a gaming site, with most of them relying on Flash for content. The websites stay on the net until the free web hosts pull the plug. Then came the idea to migrate the websites into Blogger. Blogger is a free blogging service and is already owned by Google at that time. Since Google provides unlimited storage space and bandwidth and hosts the blogging service on their own server, Blogger was a very viable option. With Blogger, the sites stay for good and there is no more need to keep on jumping from one web host to another.

Blogger uses Templates for its design and its templates use XML, a code which is slightly different from HTML. After a week of learning and adapting the new language, several Astral Design Solutions branded websites manifested on Blogger. This includes a Nursing Blog and a Flash website.

Later on, Astral Design Solutions changed its name to Ursa Gamma Design Solutions, and under the new brand name, several new blog sites emerged. One of them being Ghostvilla, which is a blog that contains Ghost stories.

From Ursa Gamma Design Solutions, the network changed its name yet again to Astral Gamma Web Designs. Under Astral Gamma, 5 new blog sites were released, a Disease information blog site, a Did you know? blog, an Atlantica Monsters information website, a Donkey Kong Country blog, and an online business information website.

After a series of events that plagued AL2Meta’s personal life, Astral Gamma Web Designs went into hiatus. Since the founding of Astral Design Solutions up to Astral Gamma Web Designs’ ending, a total of at least 15 websites were made.

AL2Meta realized that he had made so many websites in the course of his Web Design career. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to compile them all into a portfolio. This realization became one of the foundations of the idea to create a network of websites, with Astral Meta as its flagship.

About the Symbol

AstralMetaThe symbol of Astral Meta was derived from the symbol of Metatron, an archangel in Judaism, who was known as the celestial scribe or recording angel. The symbol is called the Metatron cube, a sacred geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. The cube in Astral Meta’s symbol represents the network. The complex structure is a reflection of the many networks of websites composing the Astral Meta Network. It will be including Astral Meta’s previous networks – Astral Design Solutions, Ursa Gamma Design Solutions, Astral Gamma Designs – and its websites. The inner circle of the Metatron cube portrays the main portal. The Tetrahedron Star within the cube represents the balance within the system while the adjoining circles represent the other websites. The lines connecting the circles shows the network’s complex connections or links. This connection strengthens all the websites in the network. The White Circle in the symbol represents creativity. From this, Astral Meta brings new concepts, which is very feasible with the help of the community and the brilliant people comprising it. The Black Circle represents the mysterious, secretive nature of the network. It means that Astral Meta has hidden networks within its network and that only some of its members know the purpose or content of such networks. The Red Circle in the symbol symbolizes the pioneering spirit of its webmasters and members. This is the energizing force that keeps the network going, and the reason why it continues to evolve. The Blue Circle represents trust, honesty, and loyalty. It represents the sincerity of Astral Meta to help its members grow. With this, we can also get the idea that everybody in Astral Meta’s circle can rely on one another, creating a sense of security and confidence among its members. The Green Circle symbolizes the desire of Astral Meta to contribute resources, knowledge, and creative works for the growth of its community and the society in general. Finally, the Yellow Circle symbolizes intellect, which can be acquired by everybody in Astral Meta’s community from learning, gathering, and sharing information.

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