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It’s been almost 2 months since our last site update. We’ve been pretty busy, but we’re not giving up just yet. To make this community better, and to make sure that goal happens, we have to keep on providing the goodies. Here’s the latest installation we have for our beloved members (See picture above). So, what did you guys see? OK, in case you guys didn’t notice, there is now a topic rating in each forum post that allows users to rate the topic. This is an addition to the Social sharing buttons¬†we added back in… when was that? I’ll be damned, I forgot! But,Read More →

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I know it’s been a long time since we issue another upgrade, and our dry run seem to have extended for quite some time. Well, we definitely don’t have control of the time. But anyways, we have something new in store for you guys and gals. Here it is: As you can see in the picture above (highlighted in a green box), we have added Social media icons on each profile account page. This social media icon appears when you add your social media account id in your profile account. Currently supported are Facebook, Google+ (Google Plus), Twitter, LinkedIn, and DeviantArt, but we may beRead More →

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Busy… busy… busy… yeah, that’s how it is. But, such hard work comes with rewards. Because of that, we now have some new features on the site. And, that’s why I’m here posting again – to tell you guys about what we have in store for you all – our beloved subscribers; our subscribers whom we broke sweat and shed tears for. Ok, without further adieu, and blah blah blah, let’s get on with the new features. Member’s Sites The first new addition to the site that I would like to mention is the Member’s Sites. This link can now be seen under Community Menu.Read More →

Good news guys! Despite the little time that we have, we were finally able to complete the mobile version of Astral Meta. This site now adjusts to the resolution of your mobile phones. There is a drawback to this though… while it adjusts to mobile browsers, some images may not show up, but that’s ok. The most relevant ones, at least, should come out. Those that won’t show up are those that may have conflicts with mobile browsers. I thought about it, and I have decided that it is most logical that they be hidden, otherwise, they would just make it inconvenient for the usersRead More →

We’ve been in a long hiatus, but now, we’re resuming the work on the website. And right now, we’re designing the mobile version of the site as suggested by Kyle, my best friend and colleague who used to be my mentor in HTML and CSS. Kyle pointed out the importance of mobile site, not only to the Search Engines, but also for the users since a significant number now rely on their smartphones to access and view websites. Technology has gone a long way and it has change how we, web designers design our websites. I, for one, am somewhat forced to adapt to theRead More →

So much is going on lately that I barely noticed how time flies. OK, so we’re done with the most part of the site. The Profile, the landing pages, the Dashboard, and now, we’re focusing on the Themes and Templates part. We’re also planning to upload my old Blogger Template Design Haunted House into our directory list. But before we do that, I had to, yet redesign, the header banner of the template. The image was originally made by Creative Director, Illustrator and Photographer Arlen Nielsen of FabMedia, here’s the original: I did not modify anything in the picture, I only extended it using PhotoshopRead More →

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It’s been a long week, and we’re really wearied. But it’s not enough to stop us. We had been working on the User’s Dashboard for a day and a half, thinking and planning of a way to display it much better to users. We came up with an idea to display the site’s important links on the headboard of the dashboard page so that users will have an easy time navigating the website. These links light up when you hover a mouse cursor over it. We also played a little with the widget codes and looked for a way to display them on the dashboard.Read More →

We’ve updated nothing really major as of late, except that we’ve spent hours for just working on a banner. Now, this is not just any banner you can pick from the internet, this one was originally made by me using Photoshop. As we know, the Astral Meta website is still vague, and people who don’t read the texts won’t find out what this website is for. So, I thought of a way to describe it without using words, in this case, we use a banner. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Still we needed something that best describes a community ofRead More →

For this weeks development, we would like to cite some problems that we encountered while working on with some of the site’s features. Let’s begin with the plugins… one of them caused our login page to redirect loop. It seems this certain plugin tried to send our login page into the default landing page, but since we have created a function that sends it back to our supposed login page, the whole process went into a circle. It took us hours of finding out what the root problem is. And after shutting down this certain culprit plugin, only were we able to restore the loginRead More →

It’s been a hectic schedule these past few weeks, but somehow we still manage to make some progress. OK, so what exactly did we do? Aside from working for a company doing zombie jobs that will require you only 30% of your brain, we did some revamping and fixes on Astral Meta’s website. Let’s begin with the Forum. For quite some time, we have been plagued with a buggy forum that breaks out from its supposed container. This CSS issue had been addressed and the forums are now very well aligned and pretty much in their proper places. We also fixed the forums search functionRead More →