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We’ve just recently added another page to Astral Meta Network’s website. This page is called the “Main Directory”. Its purpose is to give visitors an idea of the website’s structure by showing all of the important links of the website and give brief details about each of them. It also provides a quick and easy means of navigating the website. The button designs and the page itself have been designed by AL2Meta. The buttons have hover effects that make it glow when you hover the mouse over it. By adding this new page, it would make it easy for our visitors to explore and understandRead More →

We’ve updated nothing really major as of late, except that we’ve spent hours for just working on a banner. Now, this is not just any banner you can pick from the internet, this one was originally made by me using Photoshop. As we know, the Astral Meta website is still vague, and people who don’t read the texts won’t find out what this website is for. So, I thought of a way to describe it without using words, in this case, we use a banner. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Still we needed something that best describes a community ofRead More →

For this weeks development, we would like to cite some problems that we encountered while working on with some of the site’s features. Let’s begin with the plugins… one of them caused our login page to redirect loop. It seems this certain plugin tried to send our login page into the default landing page, but since we have created a function that sends it back to our supposed login page, the whole process went into a circle. It took us hours of finding out what the root problem is. And after shutting down this certain culprit plugin, only were we able to restore the loginRead More →

It’s been a hectic schedule these past few weeks, but somehow we still manage to make some progress. OK, so what exactly did we do? Aside from working for a company doing zombie jobs that will require you only 30% of your brain, we did some revamping and fixes on Astral Meta’s website. Let’s begin with the Forum. For quite some time, we have been plagued with a buggy forum that breaks out from its supposed container. This CSS issue had been addressed and the forums are now very well aligned and pretty much in their proper places. We also fixed the forums search functionRead More →

Astral Meta is already 3 years old since its genesis on January 20, 2013 – 11:37 PM (US West Coast Time), and the time has come to take it into the next level. Back then, it was just using a Blogger Blog. Although it has its own unique template, designed by Webmaster/Web Designer AL2Meta, it was no way near professional. The network lacks manpower, there were lots of unfinished projects, the website is incapable of building a community, and it has barely something to offer let alone endure its fruitless network building — done through a network of other Astral Meta blogger websites that wereRead More →