We’re excited to inform you guys that Astral Meta is now on HTTPS. So what is HTTPS exactly? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol while the additional “S” means that it’s secured since it’s going over a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Meaning to say, most, if not all, of our data transfer now travels via secure communication, so whatever information we sent to you or you guys send to us are now concealed (encrypted) and could not be viewed by hackers. This move is to ensure you guys that our site cares about your privacy as much as we care about ours. As for updates,Read More →

Tools and Resources Page Completed thumbnail

It is of great honor that we present you guys with Astral Meta’s Tools and Resources Page. This page is an index of all of Astral Meta’s valuable tools and resources, including Guides and Manuals, Tutorials, Notes, Excel Sample Sheets, Formulas, Desktop Wallpapers, Plugins, Apps, APIs, Cover Letter and Resumes, and more. For now, we only have a few, but as our network grow, more and more will be added. The page shows two possible sources — From Astral Meta’s Network and from its forum. The one from Astral Meta’s Network will show only featured tools, while the one from the forum, will show members’Read More →

Good news guys! Despite the little time that we have, we were finally able to complete the mobile version of Astral Meta. This site now adjusts to the resolution of your mobile phones. There is a drawback to this though… while it adjusts to mobile browsers, some images may not show up, but that’s ok. The most relevant ones, at least, should come out. Those that won’t show up are those that may have conflicts with mobile browsers. I thought about it, and I have decided that it is most logical that they be hidden, otherwise, they would just make it inconvenient for the usersRead More →

Astral Meta is already 3 years old since its genesis on January 20, 2013 – 11:37 PM (US West Coast Time), and the time has come to take it into the next level. Back then, it was just using a Blogger Blog. Although it has its own unique template, designed by Webmaster/Web Designer AL2Meta, it was no way near professional. The network lacks manpower, there were lots of unfinished projects, the website is incapable of building a community, and it has barely something to offer let alone endure its fruitless network building — done through a network of other Astral Meta blogger websites that wereRead More →