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Anthony Laurence Yap (aka AL2Meta, AL2Fenrir) is a Registered Nurse (Philippines), Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Excel Specialist, IT Tech and founder of Astral Meta Network. He is the also the blogger and developer of Astral Meta and some of its network websites.




Anthony seeks to unify small-time web masters, web developers, artists, web designers, graphic designers and other talented individuals to create a bigger whole. His world view aims to abolish differences and instead work toward creating a common ground. He aspires to create a community of skilled individuals that help to improve and develop each other.




BS Computer Engineering (undergrad)
University of San Agustin


BS Computer Science (undergrad)
AMA Computer College and Infomatics


BS Nursing Graduate
Iloilo Doctors’ College


Anthony is a graduate of Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Nursing Board passer in the Philippines. Prior to his graduated career, he has studied BS Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Most of what he knows about computers and programming have been acquired through rigorous self-study and hard-earned experience.


Work Experience




With more than 5 years of experience in HTML and CSS, Anthony is an adept HTML and CSS programmer; able to visualize his codes in this mind. He also knows how to make his code clean, analyze the problems in the code, and fix complicated issues. Anthony is also able to adapt to developing trends and catches up pretty quickly. Because of that, he was able to learn the newer versions of HTML and CSS and create responsive websites. He is also capable of applying templates throughout different CMS platforms (ie. from Blogger to WordPress or vice versa) and make them cross compatible across different web browsers.


Adobe Photoshop


Anthony knows how to use Photoshop and design cool graphics ranging from artistic artworks, photo edits, desktop wallpapers, logos and banners.




Anthony has decent mastery and command of English grammar and vocabulary. He is able to write long paragraphs, and express his ideas adequately. He also knows how to do article spinning by copying an article and revising the way it is written.


Excel Specialist and Data Entry


Anthony has years of experience in Excel, and this has made him an Excel specialist. He can manipulate excel entries with incredible ease, utilizing filtering and replacing commands and using advance commands such as data importing and exporting. He also knows how to analyze data with such proficiency and correct problems with less effort by utilizing all necessary Excel formulas and tricks.


Anthony is a fast learner when it comes to studying data systems. He is a proficient data entry clerk capable of bulk uploading multiple entries in a single run with less mistakes. He has excellent analytical skills when it comes to finding out problems, and creating solutions. He has also work with programmers by searching for bugs and lack of functions in the system, and suggesting possible remedies; working as part-time business analyst.


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