Ratings added to Astral Meta Forum and Miscellaneous updates

Author: AL2Meta | Date: May 14, 2017

Ratings added to Astral Meta Forum and Miscellaneous updates

astralmeta forum ratings

It’s been almost 2 months since our last site update. We’ve been pretty busy, but we’re not giving up just yet. To make this community better, and to make sure that goal happens, we have to keep on providing the goodies. Here’s the latest installation we have for our beloved members (See picture above). So, what did you guys see? OK, in case you guys didn’t notice, there is now a topic rating in each forum post that allows users to rate the topic. This is an addition to the Social sharing buttons we added back in… when was that? I’ll be damned, I forgot! But, this is how those Social Sharing buttons look like…

social sharing buttons

The Social Sharing buttons allow you and other members and even non-registered users to share a post or like them. This is following AngelitaYape’s suggestion back in September 18. 2016.

OK, going back to the Ratings feature we’ve recently added, aside from the rating system on the Topic page, there is also a rate that appears under every post in the Topic Index Page, see below:

bbpress topic index

The number of stars indicate how good or should I say, how the users like the topic posted on the forum. They should also tell how useful and reliable is the posted topic. This should give a readers a cue of the topic they are about to read.

Also, the Profile Page’s About Me portion has been upgraded. It should now contain a Visual Editor that allows you to edit your profile description the way you see it. You don’t have to create those pesky line breaks in HTML. Now, it should be easy for members who don’t have knowledge of HTML.

Now, I forgot what else I should tell, but just feel free to check around the site to see what else has been added or changed. Heh, I needed some sleep… I’ve been tired lately.

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