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    Usually, we give our forum users the freedom to do whatever they want, but for organization’s sake, for legal purposes, and to be fair for everybody. We would like to impose some forum rules. Note, some of them are mandatory and anybody breaking the rules will get a couple of warnings, either from the admin or from the moderators. Persistent offenders will get a ban, which can either be temporary or permanent.

    1. Strictly no spamming. Posting links not related to a topic, links to spam sites, or just making random posts that contains links aimed not to help, but just to promote a website, is strictly prohibited. You can, however, post links as long as it’s related to a topic. Having links in your signature does not count as spam either.

    2. No links to and posting copyrighted materials. Members are expected to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. It is not allowed to ask for information regarding warez, crackz, etc. or reprinting material without permission (such as in the case of copy pasting.)

    3. Avoid Double Posts. While this is not mandatory or strictly enforced, please try to avoid posting replies more than once. It is advisable that you edit your post instead. The same goes with replying to yourself, unless it’s a bump. Bumps can be excused in some cases.

    4. No flaming. Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between users, often involving the use of profanity. While it is sometimes inevitable to hurl sarcastic comments in a discussion, please try to limit it to a minimum and always avoid using profane words. Also, don’t team up and gang on a single user. Practice respect to one another.

    5. No vulgar language. Cursing, swearing, and using foul language or bad words belong in the streets, not here. We have people of different ages and we expect everybody to act like professionals.

    6. No malware, no phishing. Spreading viruses is a no no. Also, don’t even try to steal other peoples’ personal information. That is illegal and you can end up in jail.

    7. Post in the right forum. Please read the description of each forum before posting. Ask here if you are not sure where your topic belongs. We do understand honest mistakes, but intentional mistakes and repeated offenders will get a warning.

    8. No trolling. Posting an irrelevant reply is trolling. The same as posting replies that do not even contain words. We know it’s ok in a chatroom, but unfortunately, this is a forum and not a chatroom.

    9. Avoid Necroposting. Resurrecting a very old topic with an unnecessary reply is necroposting. Don’t do that unless it’s necessary, or if you have an important update.

    10. No Porn. Porn is great! Unfortunately, this is not a porn site. So, no naked women or men please! No genitals either. And most importantly, no child porn! Oh Lord, it could really get us all in trouble.

    11. No soliciting. While we do respect beggars, continuous begging can also be annoying. On top of that, don’t offer selling your body here. No pimps allowed either. No drug trade too. What you can do is offer your skills to help in exchange for something, or for free. Now, that will be cool and everybody will be happy.

    12. Write in English only. We’re not doing this out of discrimination. We are originally non-English speakers as well, but since we are expecting a global community, it would be best to use the language most people understand.

    These rules are subject to change. Please read from time to time. Last update 9/18/2016

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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