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    There are two kinds of Points in Astral Meta, the Points balance and the Cash balance. The difference between the two is that Points balance is simply your score, which is determined by how active you are in Astral Meta’s Network, while Cash balance is your reward, which can be cashed out, use to avail services, and buy stuff in Astral Meta’s stores across the entire Astral Meta Network.

    Points balance is the determining factor behind your rank. Sometimes, Points balance can reward you with Cash balance and open up Achievements.

    How do I check my Points

    Your Points balance shows up in the Forum, your Dashboard, and your Profile while your Cash balance can be found only in your Dashboard and your Profile.

    The Scoring System

    Cash Balance

    First, let’s explain the Cash balance. Cash balance points can normally be acquired by participating in the forum (ie. opening topics, replying to other users, but excluding replying to your own topic). If you are very helpful to other users, you can also sometimes earn cash rewards. Another way to get some cash points would be to win some contests. You can also convert actual cash from Payment Processors or Bank Account to Cash balance points.

    Here’s how much you can earn from doing specific actions in the forum:

    $0.0025 for opening a topic (note: this must not be spam).
    $0.0025 for replying to other users.
    $1-100 from winning contests and helping other users. Being very active can also get you some of this reward.

    Points Balance

    Almost every action you do in Astral Meta’s Network and its network of websites can get you a point. Here’s the score chart:

    1 pt. – for viewing posts, pages, forum topics, forum replies.
    2 pts. – for viewing Special Announcement emails.
    1 pt. – logging in. Only 1 pt. per day.
    2 pts. – for posting a blog post or a page (legit only, spamming can get you penalized).
    10 pts. – for getting an Achievement.
    2 pts. – for reading a Special Page (usually from site-sent emails).
    2 pts. – for commenting on a post. (-2 pts. for spam post.)
    5 pts. – for clicking on special links (promotional and paid links, once only per unique link).
    10 pts. – for viewing a promotional or paid video (must view entire video).
    1 pt. – for every referral. (unique referrals only, cookies must be enabled).
    10pts. – for every signing up referral. (unique referrals only, cookies must be enabled).
    2 pts. – for opening a new Forum Topic and replying to other user’s Forum Topic. (-2 for deleted topic or reply)
    1 pt. – for Favorited or Liked Topic.
    1 pt. – for uploading an avatar, updating profile, uploading cover image, acquiring new friend. (Profile updates only credits 1 pt. per day. Unfriend results to -1 pt.)
    1. pt. – for subscribing.

    Note: The scoring system is subject to change without notice and under Astral Meta’s discretion. Please be sure to check this often.

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