The Coward

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    The Coward
    By Anthony Laurence Yap

    I act so brave when I’m not
    Pretending like I’m adamant when I’m hot
    Couldn’t take the responsibility when I should
    Pretend like a wolf when I’m not

    There are times that I’m just scared
    Afraid to take risks when I should
    Push and pull is my game
    Don’t know where to go is my hymn

    Afraid of my lover am I
    So I act so tough to show I’m brave
    But deep inside, I’m just scared
    Afraid to be hurt again is my thing

    Insecurities so intense that I hate
    So divert my emotions to someone else
    To find comfort by her side
    To rest easy, to think of the future maybe

    But I’m just a coward after all
    Always running from the one who love
    Hurting someone I should have not
    So did my expectation come to pass

    Now my comfort has abandoned me
    So I run back to the one I love
    Hoping that she would take me back
    But I guess it’s too late to make amends.

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