User Dashboard nears completion

Author: AL2Meta | Date: May 30, 2016

User Dashboard nears completion

It’s been a long week, and we’re really wearied. But it’s not enough to stop us. We had been working on the User’s Dashboard for a day and a half, thinking and planning of a way to display it much better to users. We came up with an idea to display the site’s important links on the headboard of the dashboard page so that users will have an easy time navigating the website. These links light up when you hover a mouse cursor over it. We also played a little with the widget codes and looked for a way to display them on the dashboard. By the way, what is a widget? These are boxes that contain certain functions. These things are usually found on the blog pages’ sidebar, but with some little PHP coding, we manage to insert a few of them on the user’s dashboard as well. These thingies are connected to the backend of the site, where we can easily manipulate their contents and arrangements.

Another feature we added to the website is the Notification function for the dashboard. Normally, you can find this in the Member’s Profile page, but thanks to Cole Geissinger’s code, this can now also be seen on the Member’s dashboard. Clicking it will direct you to the notification page where you can be informed of an important activity. We thought it was important that we add it here so that members can easily be notified. This also saves everybody the trouble of having to go to their profile and look for the notification link.

Finally, we created a function that allows PHP codes to run in the widget. Normally, PHP codes inside the widget are displayed the way it is written and the system will not execute them, but by adding a special filter, PHP codes will now work as if they were in PHP pages.

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