Working on Mobile Version of the Site

Author: AL2Meta | Date: August 18, 2016

Working on Mobile Version of the Site

We’ve been in a long hiatus, but now, we’re resuming the work on the website. And right now, we’re designing the mobile version of the site as suggested by Kyle, my best friend and colleague who used to be my mentor in HTML and CSS.

mobile-astralmetaKyle pointed out the importance of mobile site, not only to the Search Engines, but also for the users since a significant number now rely on their smartphones to access and view websites. Technology has gone a long way and it has change how we, web designers design our websites. I, for one, am somewhat forced to adapt to the new trends. We have to make our websites dynamic so it can be viewed across different browsers and at different resolutions.

Smartphones have smaller screen resolutions, while modern PCs and Laptops have bigger ones, which is why we have to make our site flexible. Well, it’s funny how we use to make websites small enough for small resolution monitors back in the days, then we suddenly shifted to make them bigger for the advance large resolution monitors, and now, we have to go back making them small again for the smartphones. But thanks to the modern browsers, and evolving HTML and CSS codes, we can now make our websites fit for all.

As you guys can see in the picture, we’re almost done with the header. I just needed to fix the menu to make it display correctly. And of course, the body of the site really looks messy. But hopefully, I can get more time to fix it within this week.

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