Works and Progress

Author: AL2Meta | Date: June 5, 2016

Works and Progress

So much is going on lately that I barely noticed how time flies. OK, so we’re done with the most part of the site. The Profile, the landing pages, the Dashboard, and now, we’re focusing on the Themes and Templates part. We’re also planning to upload my old Blogger Template Design Haunted House into our directory list. But before we do that, I had to, yet redesign, the header banner of the template.

The image was originally made by Creative Director, Illustrator and Photographer Arlen Nielsen of FabMedia, here’s the original:

I did not modify anything in the picture, I only extended it using Photoshop cloning technique, with a slight touch of color editing and lighting techniques. As you guys can see, we’re pretty much done with the header banner and the template will be uploaded soon.

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