What can you get by joining our Community?

What can you get by joining our Community?

Astral Meta is a community of Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Creative Artists, and ordinary people who possess the desire to learn and be creative. We created this website so everyone can share their talents and skills as well as their knowledge so everybody can grow and develop. You don’t really have to be extraordinary to join, everyone who is interested can become a member. By joining our community, you will be able to avail some of our free services and get access to materials that could help enhance your skills. You can also earn rewards, and more importantly, you will be able to communicate with other people who share the same interest – someone who you can share knowledge and ideas with.

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Get Support

Our own team strongly supports aspiring Web Designers, Developers, and Programmers. On our website, we provide essential materials and tools that could help develop your potential. And since we believe in the power and essence of unity, we encourage our community members to support one another. Through this, we can help build each other and become solid as a whole. By lifting one another, everybody reaches their goal.

By joining Astral Meta’s community, you will be able to get support from our staff and from other members of our community. For instance, you wanted to increase your website’s hits. We can support you by providing you with SEO tips and by promoting your website through our network. If you are an aspiring Designer or Developer, we can support you by providing you with tools and materials that could help you improve your skills.

Astral Meta also provides a medium for people to collaborate. We provide a forum where people can discuss and work together as a team. We also have a private message service that allows members to contact each other privately.

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Get Promoted

Whether you are a Web Master or someone who simply wanted to be recognized, we can help you. Astral Meta has a network of websites that spans across the World Wide Web. It converges with other webmasters to form a collective network of websites that helps boost each other by bridging one another, allowing traffic to circulate into its network. If you are a webmaster with a good website, your website can become a part of this network by joining Astral Meta and become its affiliate (see Astral Meta Affiliate Guide). If you just wanted your skills to be known so you can easily find a job, we can help you too. By joining Astral Meta, you can create a profile about yourself. This profile allows you to display your skills, post a link to your portfolio, and tell more about yourself. We open this profile for the search engines to pick up. We can also promote this profile on other websites. And if your skills match the demand of a particular client, we can also recommend you. Posting on our forum is also another way to get recognition.

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Get Rewarded

If you help others, it is only fair that you get rewarded. Astral Meta has a point system that gives you points for participating in discussions and helping others in the forum. You can also earn points by referring people to our website. These points can be used to buy premium items or can be exchanged for cash rewards. For more information on how our Points and Rewards system works, see Points and Rewards Guide.

We also reward our members with badges to recognize them for their achievements and impressive performances. Some of these achievements can be triggered automatically by doing a specific task or by earning sufficient points. These badges will appear on the member’s profile. Learn more about Achievements.

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Get Help

Astral Meta created numerous websites with an intent of helping others with information and essential materials. We also created the Astral Meta Forum for this sole purpose. Our forum is our means to help Webmasters, Web Developers, and Designers find answers and solutions to their technical problems. By joining Astral Meta, you will gain access to our forum where you can ask our team and our community at no cost.

Astral Meta also provides you with tools that could help you in your work. Additionally, you may browse our Network Portal to search for websites where you might find what you are looking for.

Astral Meta firmly believes that helping is an essential function of our network. By helping others with useful information, we contribute to the progress of the global society as a whole. We pave the way for a bright future. We are hoping that you will join us in this endeavor.

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