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    I’m going to put a story in every picture and I entitle this image as “Doppel”. In this story, there are two people who seem to be at odds at most times, as if they just can’t or won’t just get along, but they are actually alike in many ways. But as the saying goes – chemistry wise – opposite attracts while similar charges repel.

    Doppel is short for doppelganger, which is an apparition that copies another person. In the picture, there are opposing bars — very similar to one another. Two at the North end, and another two at the South end. Yes, those are my doppelgangers. They represent the masculine and femininity aspect of a person. As you guys can see, they are perfectly aligned, but they are at the same time opposing. With this, I get the concept of two people who seemingly hate each other — thus the huge gap in between them. However, they do resemble the same characteristics and seemingly similar behaviors; or perhaps, they are just really copying each other. Who knows?

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