missing Windows Service Integrity cause by malwares,trojan,virus etc

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    I don’t see anything wrong with your PC other than you’re missing some Windows components.

    I need more details like:

    What other problems are you seeing? Are you seeing an ad randomly appearing on your computer? Is your computer too slow? Are there some anomaly you are experiencing?

    Those components you mentioned (ie. AppMgmt, PeerDistSvc, CscService) are not really essential to your PC unless you are running WAN (Wide Area Network), as in an office or a corporate setting. If they were deleted from your system, I highly suspect that they were removed by your anti-virus software because, more likely, they were corrupted. Those components can be used by hackers to remote control your PC. To fix the missing components issue, you need to reinstall Windows by doing a Factory Reset.

    But when doing a Factory reset, when you are given the option to “Keep my files” or “Remove everything”. Choose “Keep my files” if you wanted to reintall only Windows but keep your saved files in your computer.

    But before that, provide me some details of your PC, like what brand, what operating system you are using.

    Post me your progress and I’ll guide you step-by-step.

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    Of course, the easiest solution would be… factory reset.

    Just back up everything. No need to labor fixing a system that’s already broken when you can just get a new one.  😎


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    hello? sorry took me a while to come back  i wanted to confirmed where the treat is coming from before i reply here..

    to Al2meta yes i have some ads before but after i used windows def, malware bites,hitmanpro, kaspersky and other anti malware i was able to delete some viruses and trojan that was secretly downloded to my pc. Even my windows def is currently protecting my pc the unwanted program can install to my pc without my permission and cant be detected unless i use other programs such as kaspersky, malwarebites, adwcleaner. Last time i uninstalled google crome and deleted some programs that keeps getting back in my registries, for some reason the unwanted program stop but to confirm if its using only google to  secretly  bypass me i reinstalled google and did a adwcleaner scan and found these:

    under scheduled tasks; Microsoft\Windows\Memory Diagnostic\video Memory Diagnostic

    crome ; statup urlsL 1.  www.initialsite123.com/?z=85c808b0decc4b3c669d9ag6z0tccetbg0oewdwcg&from=fss&uid=HGSTXHTS541010A9E680_JA100A1F33YTLM33YLMX&type=hp
    [Link converted to code to prevent hyperlinking into malicious site]

    homepage : same

    i cannot find this in google settings but comes out whenever i have google crome, these links secretly use to dowload unwanted program to my pc.


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    What should I do now, hence it won’t go away?
    Ives tried using malwarebites and etc, but it will just come back after I delete it.

    Whenever I scan using malwarebites it says no problem ?
    I think the trojan or virus doing this is keeping itself somewhere safe that my anti programs can’t detect.

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