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    This is a script that I wrote while drunk with memories. Forgive my sentimentality, I’m just trying to write a good story and usually, I get inspired when I dabble with past experiences. Not trying to resuscitate a dead bad memory but I had to base this one from past dramas so…

    Narrator: Joseph and Natalie were lovers for 7 years, but they were not married. Those were seven long years. Too long for people to be in the same level of relationship where others could have already developed into a familial husband and wife relationship. They’ve been through thick and thin, and their relationship were tested over time. Yet, their greatest trial hasn’t arrive until third party sets in. Seven years… seven years of being together. Seven years of bonding and partnership, but it’s been said by some people, that seven years is the decisive point when you’ll know if you are truly meant for each other.

    Natalie fell out of love and fell for another man and Joseph found it out. What’s difficult for him to accept is that he found it out from his friends. At first, he wouldn’t believe it. He always thought his partner to be loyal no matter what. They’ve been through difficult situations and they made it through intact. Natalie has been there for him when he got sick to the point when he almost died. But why would she gave up now when they were so close? So he thought it’s just impossible… just not possible. However, as days went by, he noticed that his girl friend had been increasingly aloft. Usually spending her time in the computer. Chatting for hours while she distances herself from him. She’s no longer interested to hang out with him and his friends, and this is when he began to be suspicious. He remembered what his friends told him. And it didn’t take long, he found it to be true. And so he confronted his lover.

    Joseph: How could you do this? I provided you with everything you need. I gave you your cell fone, I provided you with a computer, and you used them to cheat on me?

    Natalie: My life has been so dull lately. As if there’s no color. And someone has been providing me with that color.

    Narrator: Joseph can’t believe what he heard. He couldn’t believe that his once selfless, caring partner could suddenly turn into an egocentric selfish individual, who doesn’t even care about how he would feel. He began to feel as if knives were driven into his chest. His lover made him look useless, his ego broken. And he began wondering what’s he’s even there for?

    Joseph: How could you say that? I loved you. Where did I fail?

    Natalie: You have become increasingly busy that we barely talk anymore. You were so occupied with your job.

    Narrator: Joseph realized it to be true. His work had been taking most of his time lately. He and his girl friend don’t talk much anymore, yet he recalled he had always invited her to go with them when he and his friends hang out, so he thought that wasn’t much of a good excuse.

    Joseph: That’s no reason. You could have just asked me. I always wanted you to come with us but you refuse. What does that guy give you that you can’t find in us?

    Natalie: I don’t know.

    Joseph: (becomes increasingly irritated) You don’t know and you’d rather spend your time with him? You are willing to spend hours talking to him?

    Natalie: (silence)

    Joseph: Do you have a thing for him?

    Natalie: We are just friends.

    Joseph: (realizes it to be a lie) I don’t believe you. You would rather spend your time with him rather than you would with me. I think you value him even more.

    Natalie: He’s a good chatter.

    Narrator: What he heard from his lover only hurt him even more. It’s as if he was challenged. His girl friend made it look like the other guy is way better.

    Joseph: What did he gave you? What did he provided you, Hunh? He only provided you with words. He didn’t gave you anything! How can you even be so sure that he means everything he said? He could be just playing to get you.

    Natalie: Girls like to be toyed at sometimes. They like sweet words even though it’s not true.

    Narrator: Joseph can’t believe what he’s all hearing. His lover doesn’t make sense at all. It’s no longer appealing to reason, but rather to emotions. Natalie was in some way defending the other guy, justifying his actions. Then he realized he’s already losing her. He realized this is not the Natalie he once knew. This is a Natalie in love, but not with him.

    To be continued…

    Sorry, I’m so sleepy already. Gotta resume it some other time. Lol.

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